From wild laughter to sophisticated smile…..


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‘Laughter is the best medicine’, said her father. So whenever she laughed, nothing could stop her. There was no control and why should there be any? Until and unless, you are mocking someone, there is no harm in having a good belly laugh, she believed! And whenever, she laughed, worries would fly away, glooms would fade and everyone around would join her hysterical company. Even if it was the lecture hall of college! There were times when the teachers joined in too, And there were times, when she was sent out of the class for this behavior of hers. But she loved laughing. Her good humor made her the charm of the class. She carried gaiety with her wherever she went.

It has been ten years since she left college. She is married now and has kids. In fact, she is happily married. But she doesn’t remember when was the last time she laughed her head off. She has responsibilities being a working mother, she is expected to be an ideal wife, she has to be polite in front of her in laws, She has to be sophisticated in her office. Has she grown up? Or has time changed? Or is she no more happy? Or is it that one can only laugh with friends? She is clueless!