The most powerful species on earth!

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A few days back, my 8 year old son asked me about the most powerful creature on earth and when I replied ‘human beings’, he disagreed and starting pouring his newly acquired knowledge about ‘Dung beetle’ from the recent episodes of Wild Kratts he watched. He said that this Beetle can pull more than 1000 times its own weight. But as per my knowledge, beetles are one of the smallest creatures on our planet. So, sure enough, I wasn’t convinced. This disappointed him badly.

Later that day, while serving him dinner and catching up with my running younger son  for every bite to feed him, I suddenly realized the power of a mother. That day, I slept with the thoughts of how a mother totally forgets her own health, well-being, happiness and her own dreams the day she becomes a mom and then, her life totally revolves around her kids. Right from the moment she wakes up, all the way up to the time she hits the hay at night and even at midnights, when she gets up to see if the baby is snuggled in the blanket or not, she is constantly on duty to nurture these tiny human beings and look after their every little and big needs. Not to mention, when the child is ill, the mother forgets about her own sleep and makes sure her little one is resting well, feeding him medicines on time, cooking a number of different things, just to make him eat at least something. She doesn’t feel like taking a bite when she knows her child has not eaten anything. What a species you have created Lord!

I have also seen some instances of how a mother’s prayer for her child is always answered. When a child is suffering from an ailment, no matter how chronic it may be, a mother’s prayer has so much power at that time. She has the ability to fight with God, and she is ready to do whatever it takes to recover her baby from the illness. She is the only one who will every say, “May God take my life to elongate yours!” What a selfless and unconditional love. Unconditional, because she is not doing any of this for her own interests, she doesn’t expect anything in return. All she wants is her child to smile always and be blessed.

Some new moms choose to completely abandon their flourishing careers to stay with their baby full time. A mother isn’t paid for her duties as a mom, she has no sick leaves or holidays. She is on her toes 24/7, always ready to care for and look after them, irrespective of how her own health is. Her own pains take a backseat when she is with her children. She might not even get any acknowledgement of all this from anyone, not even her children when they grow up. But this doesn’t deter her spirit of loving her little ones. Now isn’t that so powerful? What else on this planet can have more power than a mother.

The next day, I told my son that he is right, any creature that can carry so much more than their weight  is certainly the most powerful. He was very happy to see his mom finally agreeing to what he claimed yesterday. I smiled and continued in my mind “and mothers carry the heaviest weights of pains, expectations, fears, unfulfilled dreams and so much more but with a smile on their beautiful faces”.